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Acomodeo GDS

One API to distribute long-stay serviced apartments to the global travel market

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The Acomodeo GDS is the first global distribution system for short-and long-stay professional serviced apartments

It aggregates and categorises the global inventory of more than 500,000 serviced apartments, of which, 130,000 are directly bookable and 56,080 are exclusive to Acomodeo. Acomodeo GDS makes the world of serviced apartments available through a single API connection. It can be connected to any third party booking system such as OTAs, corporate OBEs etc.

Dynamic and static content

All data in one single point, including rates, availabilities, rates and descriptions

Inventory continuously growing

The inventory increases by an average of 5,000 new units every month

Standard apartment distribution API

The Acomodeo GDS enriches data quality, to ensure consistency regardless of the source

Acomodeo GDS is the heart of our ecosystem

A rich source of information about apartments, which supplies Acomodeo.com, Acomodeo iFrame, Acomodeo AMS and the Acomodeo IBE.

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Technical specifications

  • Simple and quick integration
  • No other APIs needed
  • Full PCI compliance
  • Secure Hash Algorithm - 256 with RSA-encryption (TLS 1.2)
  • State-of-the-art JSON REST API
  • High-performing and reliable microservice infrastructure
  • Based on OTA standard.

Connect to the world of serviced apartments

Isabell Heller

Isabell Heller

Head of Sales

+49 69 400 500 310

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