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Acomodeo adds SAP Concur integration to its
booking solution for corporate accommodation

March 25, 2021 - Acomodeo, the leading digital provider of serviced apartments, continues to expand its modular technology by adding full integration to SAP Concur. The World of Serviced Apartments can be immediately accessed from Concur Travel, a major travel management tool for companies. By this development Acomodeo increases its flexibility to fulfill corporate requirements and deliver a seamless booking experience for travellers.

Embracing single entry point benefits throughout the customer journey

Concur Travel helps simplify the travel booking experience, monitor spend, and control company costs. The new connection will enable companies to centralize every process at one single point, from reporting to duty of care, empowering travellers to efficiently book serviced apartments directly within their corporate booking environment.

Direct access to 1.8 million serviced apartments in one single platform

Business travelers will benefit from a centralized access to the largest online pool of professionally serviced apartments worldwide, backed by a unique and seamless booking experience. Not only are serviced apartments one of the fastest growing accommodation segments, they also offer significant benefits for travellers. With a kitchen, WiFi and a working area, serviced apartments represent a sustainable living space that allows travellers to work remotely.

“With the integration of Acomodeo with Concur Travel, we can help save organizations time and money, while bringing the safety and comfort of serviced apartments to even more travellers,” said Eric-Jan Krausch, founder and managing director, Acomodeo. “Thanks to this integration, travel managers will be able to combine the exceptional value of serviced apartments with Acomodeo’s technology and services and their SAP Concur environment.”

Acomodeo Serviced Apartments is now available in the SAP Concur App Center.

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