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73% of business travelers save money using Acomodeo's automized Individual Enquiry service

Acomodeo’s Individual Enquiry tool allows 73% of its users to save costs while booking the perfect serviced apartment

Serviced apartments tailored to the traveler’s individual needs

The Individual Enquiry tool on Acomodeos booking platform offers an innovative way to address the personal preferences of business travelers: Any user has the option to request serviced apartments that will match all individual requirements, such as parking space, pet allowance, spa, gym, etc.

A user-friendly automated service – no commitment, no fees

Start by selecting a destination and arrival/departure dates. Define a price per night in line with the company’s budget or travel policy. Then add any personal wishes such as “double bed” or “pet allowance”. Apartment providers matching every requirement will make offers that are freely bookable without commitment. No fees will be charged, even if no offer is booked.

Rates 10% below the defined budget

During our research we discovered that the booked rates were 10% lower on average than the budget set by the enquirer. Furthermore a minimum of 3 suitable offers were received for each enquiry through this automated service. On average the first offer was received in less than 1 hour.

Click here to learn more about our serviced apartments or just contact our sales team directly at +49 69 400 500 320. Go to www.acomodeo.com to start booking your serviced apartments or submit an Individual Enquiry any time.

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