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A look behind the scenes

It's a crazy World (of Serviced Apartments)

Every day is a journey to find the perfect serviced apartment for each of our customers. Sure, some requests are pretty straight forward. But some others might end up being somewhat “intricate”. Based on the complexity of the request or the exotism of the destination, the search for the perfect apartment could turn into an adventure for the Acomodean. Parking preferences are a good example.

On one occasion, we triangulated the traveler’s working place with the distance to suitable apartments and parking areas. By comparing the commuting times on foot, by car and public transportation, we found the perfect apartment.

But what if our traveler's vehicle turns out to be a rare type of electric car? Time to think out of the box! We found an operator with a suitable station and arranged a special deal for its daily use by our customer. Piece of cake!

Ever heard of a beer-spa?

We can even play the role of the fairy godmother. After discovering a beer-enthusiast among our customers, our team surprised him with an apartment which offered a complimentary beer-spa experience. You can imagine traveler's excitement! It's all about going the extra mile.

Next level cooking

During our Serviced Apartment Sales Bootcamps we hear the most bizarre stories from the participating operators. By far the most surprising ones were related to the unusual cooking habits of some guests: From cooking spaghetti inside a kettle; reheating food directly on top of a stove; to barbecuing inside the living room. Creative cooking!

Don't panic

As countries went into lockdown, with planes grounded and many hotels closing, business travelers around the world were left stranded. Time to ring the alarm bell at Acomodeo. Our team provided emergency sourcing for organizations and travelers in urgent need for accommodation. Thanks to serviced apartments remaining open, we provided stranded travelers with not just a shelter, but a self-supporting home where to live independently.

The Flip-Flop-CEO

Famous for his legendary performances both on and off the stage, Eric-Jan Krausch, Acomodeo's founder and CEO, has made a name for himself in the business travel industry. But did you know this?

Eric was finally enjoying a well-deserved summer vacation. Little did he know that a sudden rescheduling by a banking client would result in a premature return to Frankfurt. Eric hopped into a taxi as soon as he landed and barely made it on time to the high-profile meeting. He was welcomed by fascinated faces, intrigued from discovering our CEO's footwear choice for the event: A pair of floral flip-flops he was still wearing from his vacation. On this day our Flip-Flop-CEO was born!

Eric-Jan Krausch | The Flip-Flop-CEO

It was just a matter of time before the Acomodeans gave Eric a pair of custom flip-flops that would fit his new title. One prospect saw this and told us how much he fancied them. We replied sending him a new pair of individually customized flip-flops across the globe, because... why not!?!?

Clients: Not accounts but people!

As we were finalizing a batch of gift-baskets that included cookies, we heard about the gluten intolerance of a recipient and rushed to the nearest store looking for a gluten free alternative.

Collaboration kick-offs at Acomodeo are traditionally celebrated with a personal toast in-situ. But what if it is not possible at the time? No problem, time to send sparkling wine to our new partner for an online toast through video conference. Cheers!

Unfortunately there are plenty of other stories that we just cannot share.

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