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Acomodeo Apartment Price Radar Europe 2018

Serviced apartments up to 55% cheaper than equivalent hotel rooms during 2018 in Europe

Pay less, get more: Europe-bound business travelers can save up to 55% by choosing a serviced apartment instead of a hotel room while enjoying the benefits of a spacious and comfortable apartment

Throughout Europe business travelers can save on average 37% on accommodation when booking a serviced apartment instead of a regular hotel. This is one of the key findings of Acomodeo’s most recent Price Radar study that focuses on popular European business destinations. In addition to the company’s first price report this year, the newly released study not only focuses on german-speaking countries, but instead provides a broad overview of Europe’s serviced apartment landscape by including 17 destinations throughout the continent.

In the course of the study, analysts from Acomodeo have compared the average price per night per hotel room as published by hotel provider HRS to the average price per night per apartment that can be booked for the same destination on Acomodeo. The result: depending on the destination, business travelers can save up to 55 percent when selecting a serviced apartment instead of a comparable hotel room.

London, Zurich, Frankfurt: serviced apartments are disrupting the traditional hospitality sector in major European finance hubs

Especially business travelers in need of accommodation in European capitals and financial hubs can profit from particularly attractive rates: for example, an apartment in London is offered at 39% less (108 euros per night) than a comparable hotel room, apartments in Frankfurt and Zurich can be booked for 54% and 36% less (that is 48 euros and 113 euros per night, respectively) than the hotel alternative. The highest savings in total can be achieved in Paris, with a per-night-price of 65 euros for a serviced apartment, which is about 55% less than a hotel room. Furthermore, European top destinations Berlin (54 € per night), Barcelona (67 € per night), Vienna (51 € per night) and Munich (53 € per night) offer very attractive prices as well. Regarding the distribution of prices, Amsterdam and Warsaw offer slightly smaller savings in comparison with other destinations , . In the case of Amsterdam, this might be changing very soon - as the city has been forecasted by GSAIR as one of Europe’s strongest growing markets for serviced apartments over the next year. To summarize, serviced apartments in Europe provide an average saving potential of 37% in accommodation cost compared to conventional hotel accommodation.

Serviced apartments: the professional and comfortable temporary housing solution for business travelers

Business apartments, furnished apartments, corporate housing or short-term rental - there are nearly as many names and products aiming to cater the needs of business travelers as there are providers on the market. No wonder many corporate employees turn to the familiar platforms of vacation rentals or semi-professional sharing-economy-apartments when looking for an apartment for their business stay. What they do not know is: the apartments listed on those platforms often lack the quality and reliability they need, meaning professional check-ins, cleaning services and around-the-clock contact personnel. And this is where serviced apartments come into play. While providing the space and comfort of a rented apartment, they also include the services, safety and professionality of a hotel. Unlike vacation rentals or private apartments, serviced apartments listed on Acomodeo are always professionally-operated and comply with corporate travel guidelines. This is ensured through various services such as professional billing and payment methods as well as clearly-defined minimum standards for apartments.

Acomodeo apartment price radar 2018 | © Acomodeo

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