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Secure payment options and processes for customers and operators

AcoPay harmonises the payment requirements of modern business travellers and apartment operators to solve the payment problems in the serviced apartment market


PCI DSS compliant and bank license supported process for secure payment


Immediate invoicing after booking enables tax reduction


Reduces the time of financial administration


Identical payment process, independent of the chosen provider


Support of multi-currency and daily exchange rates


Automatic payment refund in case of cancelation

A solution for operators

AcoPay offers extended payment methods for apartment operators

With one contract, operators can offer multiple payment methods and remove potential barriers for customers:

  • Outsource payment collection - no waiting to receive money
  • Guaranteed payment terms of 21 days
  • Up to 7 different payment options so far
  • Accept payments from corporate credit cards
  • Multiple currencies and language capabilities

A solution for travellers

AcoPay offers safe and secure B2B payment methods for customers

AcoPay offers an extensive selection of payment methods when booking a serviced apartment, whether as an individual business traveller or corporate partner.

  • PAll credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & AirPlus)
  • Invoice, direct debit or installment plan
  • Debit cards

AcoPay can be used in combination with the complete Ecosystem to accept international payments from every currency, using on-the-day exchange rates at no additional cost.


  • AcoPay takes over the complete handling of payments and collection of invoices
  • Quickens the time-consuming and complex accounting process
  • Reduces operational expenses in accounting and payment handling
  • Enables companies to use a preferred payment method and process
  • Specially adapted to serviced apartment stays, large basket sizes and group bookings

Payment methods

  • Offers a variety of payment methods, e.g.:
  • Credit cards
  • Corporate credit cards (e.g. AirPlus, American Express, etc.)
  • Direct debit
  • Invoice payment
  • Bank transfer

Realise significant cost benefits

By using AcoPay to facilitate the payments between travellers and operators, it's possible to make significant savings:

  • Up to 80% reduction in OPEX for payment of bookings
  • Simplify accounting processes
  • Optimise working capitals
  • Extended fraud protection

Technical details

  • Standalone and scalable micro service that can be connected to Acomodeo IBE, AMS or other systems
  • Highest data security standards: PCI DSS compliance and Secure Hash Algorithm 256 with RSA encryption (TLS 1.2) and separate payment processing
  • Flexible application possibilities thanks to JSON REST interface
  • Web-based cloud application, GDPR compliant with servers and service located in Europe
  • Powered by 100% green electricity, CO2 neutral server operation

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