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Acomodeo iFrame

Instant online bookings via your own website with just a snippet of HTML code - no further technical development needed

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Capture enquiries and receive bookings directly through Acomodeo iFrame

Without sending users to an external service provider or website

Set up an integration into your website without having to have any web development knowledge. You just need to tell us what size you would like the iFrame to be. Our code snippet generator produces exactly what you need, which you can put into your content management system or website management tool. What you’ll get is a ready-to-use iFrame that displays a user-friendly interface that supports multiple languages and currencies.

Drive direct bookings

As an apartment operator or reseller/agency, Acomodeo iFrame makes it easy for users to book serviced apartments

Realtime inventory

Offer the very latest apartments in your inventory, with up-to-date availability and rate information

Fully responsive

Tailor made for all devices and browsers, including tablets and smartphones

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Alexander Wissing

Alexander Wissing

Head of Customer Success

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