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"Frankfurt start-up has the alternative to the narrow hotel room (not Airbnb)"

Acomdeo CEO, Eric-Jan Krausch, was interviewed by Für Gründer and explains the origins of his business idea

"At the moment, we are 42 people from more than 12 nations with different business and educational backgrounds. We are divided into 8 teams covering everything we need from development, purchasing, administration, marketing through to support. Only very few have actually gained experience in the hotel industry.

The different backgrounds and views of our team members help us to go new ways that would otherwise have been laughed at. Ultimately, they helped us to gain a foothold in the otherwise very difficult market of global business travel."

Our Founder and CEO Eric-Jan Krausch, in an interview with Für-Gründer.de, explains the origins of his business idea, the challenges that have existed, and the overview of over 500,000 apartments worldwide.

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