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10 apps that will make your business travel life easier

Business Travellers are always away on the move to new countries and cities. To plan your trip and to get to know the new surroundings outside your serviced apartment, we round up the best 10 travel apps


Travel expense reports are pretty time-consuming. The Expensify App helps you to manage your travel expenses at any time. Capturing invoices, travel times, working hours and fuel consumption is quick and can be forwarded by email easily. This way you have all your expenses at a glance. Available for IOS & Android


With Iris:go all your trip details are just a click away. From flight check-in to hotel or serviced apartment information, here you have all the important information at hand about your up-coming trips always. Available for IOS & Android


Voya is your personal business travel assistant that searches and books hotels, trains or flights over voice commands or via chat feature. For the final booking you need to confirm the deals again: no chance for misunderstandings. Available for IOS


If there is some time for sightseeing left besides work, with TripWolf you have always a travel guide with you. The well-structured app offers information about places of interest, activities, bars and restaurants and all of this is offline available! Available for IOS & Android

Qlaqs Timesheet

Whether you are travelling for business reasons or you work from home, Qlaqs helps you to record your working hours in detail and to pass it on to your manager. Bye-bye annoying writing things down. Available for IOS & Android

City Maps 2 Go

As business traveller you are a lot on the way, even in foreign cities. City Maps 2 Go offers you offline city maps for the best possible orientation. Available for IOS & Android

Office Lens

Documents must be scanned and uploaded quickly sometimes. No matter if you want them as PDF, Word or Powerpoint, Office Lens lets you scan, save and send all your documents quickly and easyly. Available for IOS & Android

Sam Card

Using this app unsorted business card collections belong in the past. SamCard allows you to scan and manage business cards easily. All cards in one place; all cards always with you. Available for IOS

Alternative for Android: CamCard Lite

Currency Converter

Converting foreign currencies in head constantly can become annoying quickly. The currency converter of Finanzen 100 solves this problem even in offline mode. Available for IOS & Android


There are some places in the world where the languages you speak are not at all helpful. For this case the Google Translator translates any text in offline mode. Available for IOS & Android

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