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What exactly is a serviced apartment?

Aparthotel, Boardinghouse, Business Apartment, Extended Stay, Corporate Housing & Lodging are just a few examples often used to describe long-stay accommodation options for business travel. How do differentiate themselves from hotels and are they suitable for you?

Serviced apartments represent the perfect mix between the freedom and comfort of a furnished apartment and the professionalism and service of a hotel. Fully furnished and with seperate living, sleep and working areas, serviced apartments are the perfect accommodation for the business travelers. The included kitchen or kitchenette offers the travelers freedom and flexibility to prepare and enjoy home-cooked meals without leaving the apartment. The additional space of the apartment comes handy for bulky luggage during business trips.

In contrast with private apartments and other shared accommodation concepts, serviced apartments include hotel-like professional services such as regular cleaning, reception, hygiene, security and emergency protocols as well as corporate invoicing. Moreover many properties include gyms, saunas and restaurants.

Furthermore you won't have to worry about hidden fees typically included in rent contracts such as cancellation costs, broker's fees or hand-over and repair expenses. At Acomodeo the final payment sum is transparent and determined upfront.

Booking a serviced apartment on Acomodeo you can save up to 60% of what a hotel room would cost you, thanks to its innate degressive pricing. The longer you stay, the more you save in your daily rate. Booking periods range from one night up to two years.

When it comes to enjoying that home-like sensation and the freedom of organizing social gatherings and work related get-togethers, serviced apartments offer unbeatable value. Thanks to their superior space, flexibility and privacy, serviced apartments are the favorite choice for long-stay & bleisure travel.

At www.acomodeo.com you will find 1,8 million serviced apartments worldwide. Find the perfect apartment with the advanced filter & search bar or start an individual enquiry and a Customer Success specialist will help you with your request.

Thousands of travelers have found in serviced apartments a place to call home. Try Acomodeo and find out why!

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