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Do you really know what a Serviced Apartment is?

In some countries the accommodation type “Serviced Apartment” is already an established alternative to the traditional hotel stay for business and leisure travellers. By now the trend is also spreading to most of the world’s major business travel destinations and gains more and more relevance in corporate travel management.

Serviced apartments combine the freedom and the comfort of a furnished flat with the safety and the service of a hotel stay in a fully-equipped apartment that includes:

  • Kitchen / kitchenette
  • Separate living, working and sleeping areas
  • WiFi

The offer is often completed by numerous hotel services such as:

  • Reception or check-in desk
  • Regular cleaning
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness room
  • Lounges or common rooms

The more interesting point about a Serviced Apartment, is that the cost-efficient monthly rates can achieve savings of up to 55% when compared to a hotel stay (with similiar standards).

Long-term business travellers tend to favour this type of accommodation. Why? You get the feeling of being at home as well as the freedom to invite guests, friends and family members to come for visit or even to host small business get-togethers there.

In addition, due to the fact that bookings are based on weeks or months, instead of single days, this allows travellers to leave belongings in the apartment even when you’re absent for some time, for example during the weekend when you're visiting other cities.

Are you ready for your home away from home?

Acomodeo offers more than 400,000 Serviced Apartments, thereof 50% directly online, in over 106 countries worldwide at www.acomodeo.com.

You can read more about the benefits of serviced apartments on our website.

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