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Drive sales efficiently

Acomodeo helps you to reach business travelers worldwide

Acomodeo - Online distribution of serviced apartments

Acomodeo makes the process of booking serviced apartments as easy as booking a hotel room

We have developed innovative software solutions and other services for companies and apartment providers, which cover the whole value chain.

With our tools, serviced apartment providers can digitize their entire portfolio and manage it in real-time.

By increasing the awareness of serviced apartments online, business travelers get accommodation more suited to their needs while working away from home.

Brands we work with

Increase your profit

Be visible on the leading long-stay booking platform for professionally-managed apartments.

Digitalize ‘paper & pencil’ operations

Moving to a fully-digital apartment management system helps you to become more efficient and maximize the occupation of apartments.

Maximum reach

Take advantage of our GDS and connect with new customers, via international resellers, around the world in a way that was never possible before.

For small operators

The apartment market is booming around the world

The demand for professionally-managed serviced apartments is higher than ever. Companies and business travelers need a quick and easy way of searching and booking apartments on the go, using a variety of payment methods that are safe and secure.

The Acomodeo Ecosystem provides everything you need to digitalize your apartment booking service and manage your portfolio on a daily basis, via our powerful AMS. Through our GDS you are connected to global Channel Managers and international resellers, giving your apartments more visibility and reach than ever before.

AcoPay is the ideal payment system for business travelers and corporate clients. It offers a wide range of payment options, including credit cards, advanced payment and invoicing, while conforming to PCI and strict data security standards.

For small and big operators

Acomodeo offers an all-in-one booking solution with transparent pricing

The Acomdeo AMS is a fast and effective way to manage your serviced apartments on a daily basis, with real-time data about availability and rates.

A digital presence on Acomodeo.com and on your own website via the iFrame, makes your apartments searchable and bookable by individual business travelers, corporate partners and international resellers.

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